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My niece and sister came to visit so I haven't watched any Starsky & Hutch for several days and I'm missing it. But my sister has been on a Due South binge and she wanted to introduce me to Ray Kowalski. I missed out on the Ray Wars entirely because I only ever saw the first two seasons (as did the rest of the family when Due South was first broadcast); my sister says she'd gone in with extreme scepticism, not expecting anyone to be able to replace Ray Vecchio, but new Ray has won her over. So with her endorsement I am willing to like this new Ray.

I think they did well introducing him by making Fraser even more puzzled than the audience. I don't know if having RayK take a bullet for Fraser the first day they met was a clever short-cut to making them believably partners, or just hilarious. I think Fraser is the best possible person to have his partner unexpectedly switched on him because he can see the good in anyone.

From screenshots I've seen wafting around the internet I had the idea RayK was appealing to the fanbase because he had blond spiky hair and was more attractive than RayV. I am not really seeing it. He looks like someone who might have been cute ten years ago and is now less so; he's also giving me trouble every time he changes clothes because until I get to know his face better he's very nondescript. I have to guess from cues like the way the camera follows him or if Fraser stands next to him or someone calls him by name. In s3e03 the guest star of the week was a man of similar age and build with light-coloured hair and I had no idea what was going on for the first half of it - in fact the guest star had a more distinctive face and I was able to spot RayK more easily by figuring that he was the one who wasn't that guy.

(I am choosing an appropriate episode of Starsky & Hutch to introduce my sister to in return.)
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The Starsky & Hutch episode where Starksy gets shot in an Italian restaurant was most satisfying. I had been hoping for further hurt/comfort episodes, and wanting to see Starksy on the hurting end, and this was perfect. Starsky didn't get much to do in it except lie around and moan, but Hutch touched him and patted him and talked soothingly and worried about him all the way through, it was lovely. And the whole thing happened because they were so keen to go out to dinner together.
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Starsky: I'll dress in, you know, the sort of clothes drug dealers usually wear, and we should have a cool car, maybe a convertible. Do you think drug dealers sometimes wear running shoes?

Hutch: My character's called O'Brien and I'll be from Texas and wear a huge cowboy hat - in fact I want the full cowboy outfit, I'll find one with plenty of rhinestones - and I'm going to chew gum all the time and be a dickhead, well, more so than usual. A Texas-sized dickhead. And I'm going to be massively racist.

Starsky: You do know we're trying to get the co-operation of a drug dealer who happens to be black?

Hutch: I'm going to be so racist. And I get to drive the convertible.

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I cannot believe that Hutch went to a wedding rehearsal and brought Starsky with him (that's not the unbelievable bit, why would he go anywhere without him), and then introduced him to the Catholic priest as "my partner" and the priest asked for clarification. It's like something off BBC Sherlock, only at the time it would have been unthinkable to have the main characters of a major TV show be outright gay, so I find it fun queerbaiting rather than infuriating.
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I was unwell last week so I started watching my way through Starsky & Hutch. I thought it would be fun (obviously, as I love buddy cops and it's the most important buddy-cop show of all time) but maybe slightly cheesy and not too emotionally traumatic. I expected to feel all safe because of the episodic format, knowing everything would be back to normal by the start of the next story. I WAS WRONG - about as wrong as I was last time when I thought Neon Genesis Evangelion would be non-traumatic giant robot fun.

It's not cheesy like I thought - the stunt work and the screeching tyres and the identical gunshot sound effect coming from three obviously different guns are a bit cheesy but the stories aren't at all.Read more... )
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From the department of being late to fandoms:

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Several weeks ago but I never remember to post about things at the time. Everyone on Twitter was lovely and didn't post any spoilers before I went. It was fun and the new young characters were lovely just as everyone said. I was happy because there were plenty of hugs. I'm always happy with a movie that has lots of non-sexual hugs. not much plot stuff )

Then the other day my partner was all excited to tell me he'd found out about a TV series he thinks we'll enjoy watching together and it's called BBC Sherlock. So we watched the first episode of that. I thought it was very well made but OH MY FLIPPIN' AUNT the entirety of fandom weren't kidding when they mentioned the queerbaiting. The show could have made them be actually gay and still easily have spent less time talking about whether they were gay. Read more... )
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Followed a link today to an article on the ubiquitous tastelessness of the Red Delicious apple. My Nana used to buy three Red Delicious apples every week to put in her fruit bowl, then throw away and replace them. She didn't eat them and I had to be pretty desperate for an apple to chew through the bitter skin of an apple at her house.

But fandom-relevantly, from the article: the Red Delicious was brought to prominence by the Stark Brothers' Nursery, and they called it the Stark Delicious. But before it got famous, it was called the Hawkeye.

Oh, also, the Stark Delicious was striped red and gold. The solid deep red was selected for later on.

There is a surprising amount of Avengers fanfic involving bananas (and not even in a dirty way). Iron Man and Hawkeye having their own apple varieties calls for fic too, don't you think?
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Finally getting around to posting about B7 again. Second episode, yay! I think everything about Blake's 7 is full of yay. This is fun!

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It's been five years since I accidentally fell into a den of Blake's 7 fans. I've seen a lot of B7 icons and screencaps, character portraits for art month, squeeing discussions I can't quite follow, fanfic I've enjoyed without being capable of fully appreciating. Now I'm finally getting around to watching it!

This post will probably only be of interest to B7 fans, especially to those who enjoy getting others hooked (you evil people, you...)
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My partner was watching Top Gear. I was doing my own thing and not paying much attention until --

"James! Put it in!" moans Jeremy Clarkson in tones of anguish.

What the...? Just what is he watching??

Turns out he was watching the polar exploration special where Clarkson and May attempt to drive a ute to the north pole, camping as they go, and Clarkson was begging May to shove in a tent peg.

Heh... That doesn't sound much better. Into the ground, that is, before the wind carried the tent away across the ice and left them to freeze to death.

I am aware of the existence of Top Gear RPS, I've investigated a little in case it's something I'd like to read, but people seem to write mostly Clarkson/May and Clarkson/Hammond, and I think Hammond/May makes way more sense, probably with voyeur!Clarkson via hidden camera or something. I get these sort of pairings in my head which are completely obvious to me and I end up baffled that nobody else thinks this way, but still I can't just go with reading whatever pairing is popular when it's all wrong in my head.
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Seems like everyone around here is having interesting dreams over the last 24 hours. An unusual conjunction of planets, perhaps.

I dreamt that the Enterprise had no Captain Kirk and it had two token Vulcans (Tuvok turned up) and instead of Chekov there was Davy Jones from the Monkees. I think I've read that Chekov was put in the show to attract the younger female demographic and was consciously modelled on Davy Jones to some extent; don't know if that's true, but my dream dredged up the information and used it.

In my dream version of Star Trek young Davy/Chekov would get captured nearly every week by a different evil alien warlord and he'd get dragged off and put in handcuffs, with much associated cosmetic tearing of his uniform, and the camera would go right in on him to show him trembling and begging, "Oh! Please don't hurt me, mister menacing alien starship captain!" and the bad guy would laugh his cruel laugh. And then Sulu, having commandeered the Enterprise from Spock and Uhura, would come charging in WITH HIS SWORD and kick some ass and rescue Davy Jones from the baddies, and then they would snuggle.

It's possible that I would enjoy watching this Star Trek more than seeing Captain Kirk get it on with the green-skinned space babe of the week :->
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The second of January is the birthdate of Jeff Tracy, founder of International Rescue. Not just his birthday - 2009 is the year of his birth, according to the timeline I like best. My family are all huge Thunderbirds fans and we're getting together to celebrate by watching a few Thunderbirds episodes on videotape and DVDs of the Supermarionation films, Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbird 6. I'll wear my International Rescue T-shirt, we'll bring the die-cast models to play with, and I expect we'll be getting into the spirit of things by pressing lots of buttons, walking jerkily and talking into our watches.

I went looking around the internet for pictures of the Tracy patriarch.

He looks lovely in that hat.

Sadly I was unable to find any pictures of Jeff that featured stove knobs in the background, so flashing lights will have to do.


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