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Starsky: I'll dress in, you know, the sort of clothes drug dealers usually wear, and we should have a cool car, maybe a convertible. Do you think drug dealers sometimes wear running shoes?

Hutch: My character's called O'Brien and I'll be from Texas and wear a huge cowboy hat - in fact I want the full cowboy outfit, I'll find one with plenty of rhinestones - and I'm going to chew gum all the time and be a dickhead, well, more so than usual. A Texas-sized dickhead. And I'm going to be massively racist.

Starsky: You do know we're trying to get the co-operation of a drug dealer who happens to be black?

Hutch: I'm going to be so racist. And I get to drive the convertible.

When Hutch gets the chance to pick out clothes for Starsky he chooses some much tighter pants than Starsky usually wears, plus high heels. Very understandable, especially if you're then going to walk behind him a lot. I liked the bit where Hutch is talking to Captain Dobey and realises he doesn't have to stay in character and he throws the chewing gum in the bin.

I also saw the episode where someone's coming to kill Captain Dobey and we get to meet his lovely family. I like his teenage son not having to deal with assassins in the night even though he's quite tall because he's just a kid and his mother is better equipped to handle it. I liked the family playing Twister together! I liked that the little daughter being left-handed made Hutch think twice about being such a jerk to Starsky about being left-handed, there is nothing wrong with him and you can't change the way his brain is wired and he'll never be able to shoot straight if you try, oh my god.

And buy him his own designated pair of scissors if that will help him, or let him continue to use right-handed scissors if he's used to it and that works better for him. Opinion varies among left-handers in my family over whether left-handed scissors are worth it, but I have learnt the move of pushing with the fingers and pulling with the thumb to twist the blades of wrong-handed scissors against each other because I grew up with both types of scissors available.

Date: 2017-07-08 09:48 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] whatho
OH GOD I love Starksy and Hutch so much and it's a joy to be reminded of it again.

Date: 2017-07-08 04:27 pm (UTC)
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There are two kinds of 'left-handed' scissors. One kind just switches the handles, not the blades- making them garbage for EVERYONE and making lefties think they're complete failures at scissoring. By the time I learned the difference and found one of the kind with true left-handed blades and handles I was so trained to use my right hand for scissor work I couldn't get comfortable with it even though I'm lefty in almost everything else. :^)

I watched a lot of S&H when it aired, but I don't recall the episode where Hutch learned to stop picking on Starsky for being a lefty. Must have missed it. :^)

Date: 2017-07-08 04:32 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] feng_shui_house
My favorite S&H episode is the one where a lunatic group drugs and captures Starsky to use as a human sacrifice and he wakes up tied up naked in a water barrel being bathed by a sweet, airheaded young woman.

Ah, good times, when networks filmed fanfic.

Date: 2017-07-09 07:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mortmere
"...and be a dickhead, well, more so than usual..."

Hutch can be really mean, even to Starsk. Or especially to Starsk. I don't know. He's an awful person sometimes, but his incredible beauty makes up for it all...

Damn, I get the urge to go back and watch these eps you're watching, but I'm in the middle of S4 rewatch (learning to love the Hutchinson mustache). #firstworldproblems

Date: 2017-07-10 05:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mortmere
My favorite interpretation is that Hutch's meanness is just a part of their well-honed relationship dynamic: slightly overdoing the basic roles they've drifted into, to amuse themselves and to let out some steam. (I've seen that happen between male friends in real life - and I admit I've been there myself sometimes, saying awful stuff just to cultivate some stupid inside joke or other, not really meaning any of it personally. But I suppose it's a brand of humor/bonding that comes more naturally to men.)

Also, considering what a gentle and sensitive person Hutch usually is, the way he picks at Starsky in particular must be his way of telling him "I love it that we're so close that I can do this to you and trust that you know I don't really mean it and read between the lines that I'm just saying 'I love you'." It's either that or he'd be all over Starsky, physically (which is what Starsky does to Hutch).

And it's not like Starsky doesn't gripe about Hutch's oddities all the time (health fads, so-called car and the mess in the back seat, opinion on Christmas, disastrous taste in women, blondness...) but maybe most of us don't really mind that because it's so easy to think Hutch's choices - surely written for laughs back in the day - beg for comments like that. And Starsky has less of a cold poker face when he says those things - his teasing is much warmer! It's almost like Hutch has copied this art of friendly sniping and practical joking from Starsky and is still doing it slightly wrong.

Uhhuh, got carried away there... :) Btw, are you on the S/H group on FB? It seems like the liveliest fandom haunt at the moment, and there are other new/newish fans happily squeeing over the show there.

Date: 2017-07-11 07:08 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mortmere
I don't use FB very much either (as myself), but I have a fannish account there because those groups are where the rarest pics and vids and stuff circulate now. Really, really worth it!


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