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My partner was watching a documentary the other evening on sleep and dreams, and there was a section on lucid dreaming. It's fascinating to me that it's potentially possible for brains to do that; I think it would be interesting to experience.

Last night I dreamt I was riding around the streets in the area where I used to live on a small purple bicycle with straight handlebars. I rode around for a bit and then I noticed I was riding a larger red bicycle with swept-back handlebars. I was surprised that the bike had changed while I was riding it; I also had a very strong feeling that there was something very important to remember about why bicycles don't change into different bicycles and what it meant that this had happened. I struggled to work out what it was that I needed to remember, what vital fact this clue was telling me - I wrestled hard with it, but the crowd of children running behind me distracted me and I forgot what I was trying to do.

Every time I'm reminded that lucid dreaming exists I seem to have one of these dreams; this one was the closest I've got so far, with not just the realisation that something odd and impossible had happened, but the knowledge that I could deduce something from the impossibility, even though I didn't quite get to the answer. Odd sights in dreams (day into night, childhood home attached to current garden) don't seem to trigger any realisation, but things that feel wrong do. Both bicycles in my dream are real ones that I'm familiar with riding (though only one is mine) and they feel very different, with different riding positions and gears.
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Seems like everyone around here is having interesting dreams over the last 24 hours. An unusual conjunction of planets, perhaps.

I dreamt that the Enterprise had no Captain Kirk and it had two token Vulcans (Tuvok turned up) and instead of Chekov there was Davy Jones from the Monkees. I think I've read that Chekov was put in the show to attract the younger female demographic and was consciously modelled on Davy Jones to some extent; don't know if that's true, but my dream dredged up the information and used it.

In my dream version of Star Trek young Davy/Chekov would get captured nearly every week by a different evil alien warlord and he'd get dragged off and put in handcuffs, with much associated cosmetic tearing of his uniform, and the camera would go right in on him to show him trembling and begging, "Oh! Please don't hurt me, mister menacing alien starship captain!" and the bad guy would laugh his cruel laugh. And then Sulu, having commandeered the Enterprise from Spock and Uhura, would come charging in WITH HIS SWORD and kick some ass and rescue Davy Jones from the baddies, and then they would snuggle.

It's possible that I would enjoy watching this Star Trek more than seeing Captain Kirk get it on with the green-skinned space babe of the week :->
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It amazes me how much my brain still knows while I'm asleep. I expect it to know things like the layout of the house I lived in longest as a child, and that being at the shops naked is embarrassing, and that zombies are scary and very persistent; I don't expect it to have such a firm grasp of real-life facts, scientific things and the sort of stuff that you get asked in quiz games. Not that I dream strictly factual things, but sometimes while still dreaming there's some part of my brain yelling out while watching, "That aeroplane's got to be well below its stalling speed, physics doesn't work that way!" or, "That theory was taught as fact for several decades but has since been disproven!"

The other night I dreamt that two English police officers discovered a mouse getting into the groceries on their kitchen table, and they drove it away by what, in the dream, was the well-known technique for getting rid of mice: singing the national anthem at it together VERY LOUDLY. Only I knew that these two people ought to be singing God Save the Queen as THEIR national anthem -- and I couldn't quite dredge that song out of memory while asleep, so I had to have them bellowing out "God Defend New Zealand" instead. I was not pleased with this piece of factual inaccuracy but grudgingly accepted that some national anthem was necessary and the dream had to work with what was available.
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The recurring dream theme of the moment: superheroes. Sometimes I dream about real superheroes like Wonder Woman and Green Arrow; sometimes my dreams make up their own superheroes. Last night there was a crimefighting duo whose superpowers were to turn into, respectively, a manta ray and a plesiosaur. If only my dream had had them going on an adventure together, rather than just matter-of-factly existing... I want to know what sort of crisis requires the assistance of Plesiosaur Boy!
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I dreamt about vol-au-vents on the sea floor with hot water issuing forth and strange life forms growing around them as happens deep down there. I don't know if my brain is making clever puns while I'm asleep or if I'm just very confused by pastry.

And scientists came to study the interesting ecology on the sea floor, riding on moonhoppers. No diving gear, just moonhoppers. I sort of want to draw deep-sea scientists on moonhoppers, with their hair floating in the currents.


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