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I want a set of polyhedral dice. Quite apart from any potential dungeon-crawling activities for which they could be useful, icosahedra and dodecahedra are really nice to hold and to look at. But online sources of dice charge around $15 for a double set (two each of d4,d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20) and then add around $10 for postage, ouch. They don't weigh that much! The sellers (both that I found) are educational supply places and perhaps expect most customers to buy enough dice or base-10 blocks or whatever for a whole classroom to use, so the postage wouldn't matter so much in comparison. Hum, what sort of real-life shop can I look in?

Digressing somewhat -- if you provide a classroomful of pupils with an educational bucket of various dice, will they develop a nice mathematical understanding of probability, or are they more likely to learn superstitious thinking and become convinced of the efficacy of their particular method of dice-shaking and invocations?

I will leave you with a couple of dice-related items: a link to a lovely website where you can spin Platonic solids with your mouse -- here's the dodecahedron.

And here's a fun song involving dice.
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First on the agenda: it seems pingback is worse than previously suspected. Shutting down pingbacks on your own journal doesn't work, pingbacks happen both to and from locked posts according to murky and inconsistent conditions. Not very cool. Pingbacks work on blogs because if you're blogging on Wordpress or something you expect everything you write to be visible to the general public. It would take actual thought to make a pingback system that works in LJ's culture and nobody has bothered with that.

Second: the Facetwit debacle is not making me happy. I have some overlap between LJ and Facebook and don't want the two dragged together by a careless comment. I keep my Facebook locked down pretty tight as far as possible, but the way they change settings around stealthily doesn't give confidence.

Third: is getting under way. I don't know yet how I'm going to handle things: do I want to hide all my LJ posts and use LJ just to comment on communities I'm in, or use Dreamwidth's crossposting feature to keep both journals active, or something else? Those who have no intention of moving to DW, please let me know so I can put you on a special reading filter and see your posts easily. I'm adding people on DW as I find them :)

And for anyone who would like to try Dreamwidth: invite codes available here.
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Here's where I plan to start my investigations. Looks like we're going to have to experiment with a commercial egg replacer, but luckily I know where to get some.

I've always been happy with the denser types of cake (carrot cakes and fruit cakes) that I usually bake. We have our few recipes that work well and I don't often go looking for new ones. But the boy has now had the chance to become re-acquanted with his mother's baking, and he wants to do similar things at home; fluffy sponge cakes inspire the most urgency, but he wants to make them so I can eat them too, bless him.

Angel food cake: never heard of it, but I assume it's the US name for sponge cake. Good good, another search term to use.


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