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I'm trying to write a story containing a heterosexual romance which subverts all the stuff I can't stand about heterosexual romances, and I have just come to the realisation that turning something on its head too many times can result in the damn thing being up the same way it started.

In attempting to correct for "the man always makes the moves" AND "lol, what's consent" in mainstream romances, I've ended up in a situation where although the woman has expressed her interest, it's now entirely up to the man whether this goes anywhere and if so at what pace, and the woman's desires are not really relevant to the situation. While this is an improvement over bodice-rippers, it is not the story I intended to tell.

Maybe I shouldn't also have tried to subvert "the man always has more sexual experience" in the same story. This is why same-sex couples often seem the simpler option...
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Can we start saying "twenty-eleven" instead of "two thousand and eleven" now? Or "two thous and eleven", thank you radio announcers? (Thou means thousandth [of an inch], not thousand, and the plural of thou is thou, not thous, and we measure our tappet clearances using the metric system these days anyway.) I want to say "twenty-eleven" and I also can't wait four years for my hoverboard and for my fruit to come out of the ceiling when I call it.

I made a New Year's resolution to Write Stories, and I've not broken it yet although there's still time to break it before bedtime. I'm counting writing half a paragraph of a story I've been writing for four years as Writing Stories, and I'm counting writing some thoughts about what I might put into a story if I wrote one as Writing Stories, so it's been pretty easy not to fail at it so far. I find it very easy to make lists of things that might happen and write background details and do things like scribbling maps and inventing place and character names, but I have no idea at all how to turn that into actual stories where something happens and there's a beginning, middle and end. I'm sure I used to write stories as a child, so I must have known how to do it once, though I recall often having ideas and starting stories but not knowing how to finish them. I'm hoping that either if I try hard enough I'll eventually learn how it's done, or that the internet will suddenly give me sense-making instructions on how to write stories without me actually figuring out what to type into Google to find it.
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I started reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. A friend lent it to me PROMISING that although the movie fulfils all expectations and is amply as bad as reported, the book is actually all right. I heard the same about Twilight and got a few chapters in before the story made me feel so physically sick I couldn't keep going, so I went into Eragon with similar expectations and in contrast I'm being pleasantly surprised in some ways.

I intend to go on at some length, so a cut goes in about here. All spoiler-free.Read more... )
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I've found myself volunteering to moderate a fanfiction forum and archive. Oops. I don't really feel qualified. There's hardly going to be anything to DO, maybe occasional spam deletion and moving misfiled posts, though there could be an explosion when new canon comes out. But I've never posted any fic myself and I feel a bit of a fraud moderating, even though someone has to do it and nobody else spoke up.

I'm starting by reading some of what's archived so I know my way around a bit better. Maybe I'll get inspired and write something myself. Maybe I'll do some more work on that story I've been writing for the last three years or more, and still not show it to anyone.

Edit: it is apparent that all I ever talk about on LJ is fanfic and writing, but nothing ever comes of it. Maybe I need to learn to write stories on the computer, so I won't be stuck if an exercise book goes missing. One of the main skills to learn in order to achieve this is to not read webcomics all the time and keep checking to see what's on The Hathor Legacy this week instead of writing.
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A couple of nights ago I couldn't sleep and while I was lying still and trying to feel sleepy my brain started buzzing with storywriting, so I got out of bed and wrote a whole page of stuff and after that I was able to get back to sleep. A lot of what I wrote was background information that was in my head but had never been written down, and the rest was a pile of questions. Why? Where? How long for? How did they get there? Who knew about it? What happened next? And all of them raise even more questions and all of it is tremendously fun, and now I need to research volcanoes.

Last night I couldn't sleep again, and I wandered out to the kitchen to find out what the cat was up to and I fell asleep on the floor for a while. That was less useful. I think I had it in my head that there was no air in the bedroom and I needed to be a small thing in a big space to relax.
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It hit me suddenly: What happens next? What is this character doing ten years from now? I can't not make up stories about her.

I haven't actually written much fanfic before, mainly just read it. (Ghastly self-inserts and unfinished ramblings don't count.) And this is a fandom I'd never even considered writing for. But now I want to write, and I don't think I know how. I put down all the questions that came into my head and various answers so they don't get away. Now I'm probably going to research women in policing in 1950s Britain until the urge to write has gone.


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