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I started playing the guitar again a while ago, but then I had a hectic week and then was away from home for a few days, and now all that pain and effort is flaking off the ends of my fingers as the unused calluses begin to wear away. Should only take a few days of battering them about before they get the message to start growing thicker skin again.

It has been twenty years since I was learning those Chuck Berry riffs and finding my way around the frets and I'm amazed that some of it is still in the back of my brain, ready to use again.
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Today in art requests from the smaller and more distant nieces:

"Draw a picture of yourself, auntie!"

So I did, with purple glasses and a purple hoodie and green shoes with red shoelaces, and I drew one of my arms waving to the viewer, and I asked for input on what my other arm should be doing, and they said I should be DABBING. Last year's memes have not expired at kindergarten, apparently. I managed to convince them of the difficulty of drawing a dab when one arm was already inked in and definitely not dabbing, and they reluctantly compromised on having me draw myself holding one of my cats in the other arm with his tail hanging down.

I think I do my best art at the request of nieces.

I Voted

Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:44 pm
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Massive numbers of people have voted in advance this election. Lots of reminders for people to vote NOW over the last fortnight. That includes my brother, who is travelling outside his electorate today. I am vanishingly unlikely to forget to vote and I like the atmosphere of election day. I like walking to the local school and seeing people coming in and out of the polling booth; it's one occasion to walk around my area and feel involved in things.

And I like making my mark with the orange pen and getting my sticker. The first time I voted in a national election I accidentally got some orange ink on my finger in the booth, and since then I've made sure to come away with a bit of orange on me so I really feel like I've done my bit.

Beautiful sunny spring day today, that's good for turnout, and it sounds like the youth vote is up a bit, so there's some hope for progress. We'll see.
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I see that UK Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is in the news at the moment and I am reminded of the dream I had weeks ago, before he was in the news for much, in which I was at Jacob Rees-Mogg's house while he was having a BDSM sex orgy party. I wasn't there for the party, of course*, I was hired to mend his pipes and that just happened to be the timing. I climbed under the sink and did all the plumbing and did an excellent job of it, and then Jacob Rees-Mogg very much wanted to be rid of me, but he had a buffet table of delicious baked goods which were there for the people he had invited to his house, so I got myself a fine bone china plate and loaded it up and ate cakes with enthusiasm while he stared at me in intense discomfort. Jacob Rees-Mogg was most upset that I was eating his cakes that he'd provided for his orgy friends, but technically he had invited me to his house to do the plumbing and so he couldn't ask me not to without being rude. I licked my fingers and picked up every crumb while ignoring Jacob Rees-Mogg completely and then I left.

I considered drawing this dream for NaArMaMo but it was too difficult. I would have had to go into somewhat more detail on the orgy part than my dream bothered to do.

*people are welcome to have BDSM orgy parties but I think doing them with Jacob Rees-Mogg shows extreme bad taste.
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In the wake of the Great Photobucket Apocalypse of 2017, and after every other image host on the planet has already forbidden image hosting, I'm going to try out Dreamwidth's new image hosting. Here is a picture of a dragon I drew for my niece.
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I currently have no job. Since being too busy at work and being drained after work has ruined my chances of doing NaArMaMo most recent years, perhaps I will do better at making art for a month this time around. On the other hand, it turns out that all my self-worth is in being able to work and so I have been mainly feeling miserable instead of doing amazing things with my new free time.
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My niece and sister came to visit so I haven't watched any Starsky & Hutch for several days and I'm missing it. But my sister has been on a Due South binge and she wanted to introduce me to Ray Kowalski. I missed out on the Ray Wars entirely because I only ever saw the first two seasons (as did the rest of the family when Due South was first broadcast); my sister says she'd gone in with extreme scepticism, not expecting anyone to be able to replace Ray Vecchio, but new Ray has won her over. So with her endorsement I am willing to like this new Ray.

I think they did well introducing him by making Fraser even more puzzled than the audience. I don't know if having RayK take a bullet for Fraser the first day they met was a clever short-cut to making them believably partners, or just hilarious. I think Fraser is the best possible person to have his partner unexpectedly switched on him because he can see the good in anyone.

From screenshots I've seen wafting around the internet I had the idea RayK was appealing to the fanbase because he had blond spiky hair and was more attractive than RayV. I am not really seeing it. He looks like someone who might have been cute ten years ago and is now less so; he's also giving me trouble every time he changes clothes because until I get to know his face better he's very nondescript. I have to guess from cues like the way the camera follows him or if Fraser stands next to him or someone calls him by name. In s3e03 the guest star of the week was a man of similar age and build with light-coloured hair and I had no idea what was going on for the first half of it - in fact the guest star had a more distinctive face and I was able to spot RayK more easily by figuring that he was the one who wasn't that guy.

(I am choosing an appropriate episode of Starsky & Hutch to introduce my sister to in return.)
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The Starsky & Hutch episode where Starksy gets shot in an Italian restaurant was most satisfying. I had been hoping for further hurt/comfort episodes, and wanting to see Starksy on the hurting end, and this was perfect. Starsky didn't get much to do in it except lie around and moan, but Hutch touched him and patted him and talked soothingly and worried about him all the way through, it was lovely. And the whole thing happened because they were so keen to go out to dinner together.
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Starsky: I'll dress in, you know, the sort of clothes drug dealers usually wear, and we should have a cool car, maybe a convertible. Do you think drug dealers sometimes wear running shoes?

Hutch: My character's called O'Brien and I'll be from Texas and wear a huge cowboy hat - in fact I want the full cowboy outfit, I'll find one with plenty of rhinestones - and I'm going to chew gum all the time and be a dickhead, well, more so than usual. A Texas-sized dickhead. And I'm going to be massively racist.

Starsky: You do know we're trying to get the co-operation of a drug dealer who happens to be black?

Hutch: I'm going to be so racist. And I get to drive the convertible.

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I cannot believe that Hutch went to a wedding rehearsal and brought Starsky with him (that's not the unbelievable bit, why would he go anywhere without him), and then introduced him to the Catholic priest as "my partner" and the priest asked for clarification. It's like something off BBC Sherlock, only at the time it would have been unthinkable to have the main characters of a major TV show be outright gay, so I find it fun queerbaiting rather than infuriating.
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I was unwell last week so I started watching my way through Starsky & Hutch. I thought it would be fun (obviously, as I love buddy cops and it's the most important buddy-cop show of all time) but maybe slightly cheesy and not too emotionally traumatic. I expected to feel all safe because of the episodic format, knowing everything would be back to normal by the start of the next story. I WAS WRONG - about as wrong as I was last time when I thought Neon Genesis Evangelion would be non-traumatic giant robot fun.

It's not cheesy like I thought - the stunt work and the screeching tyres and the identical gunshot sound effect coming from three obviously different guns are a bit cheesy but the stories aren't at all.Read more... )
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The new Wonder Woman movie gave me a lot more than I'd expected was possible - a superhero movie with a woman as the main character, getting most of the screentime and adventures, being a hero - and its downfall was that it showed me I could hope for something WAY BEYOND that. The first half-hour was ALL about women talking to other women and doing amazing superhero moves and having a history and family and friends and working together and riding neat horses, and it was everything I ever wanted; then men turned up and Diana went away from the beautiful sunny islands and spent the rest of the movie surrounded by muddy trenches and rubble and men. I spent the whole movie expecting all the other Amazons to come back into it and they didn't.

Also Steve Trevor spent a LOT of time telling Diana to stop talking and stop doing things because he knew best. The situation of her having no knowledge of the world outside her island could have been handled in a less un-fun way, I think. I can see they were aiming to have it lead up to a Big Scene where she stops listening to him and goes off to do some heroing with dramatic music, but, you know, she's a hero, we know she's gonna hero, it's impressive without having to watch her be squashed down by a man shutting her up over and over for AN HOUR before she gets to do the heroing.

My partner thought there was excessive use of slow motion during the fight scenes. I loved every second of it because I wanted to see a woman being a superhero on the big screen and I wanted to be able to see it happen. Last couple of Marvel superhero movies I've seen, the camera is jiggling around all the time the fight's going on so there's no way to know who's hitting who and it makes me feel a bit seasick so I just look to see who's standing up once the fight scene's over. It's all right with me if the camera lingers for a while on Wonder Woman leaping through the air and looking amazing.

There are no scenes of Wonder Woman being raped or threatened with rape. I thought I'd say because that's something I wanted to know before I went to see it.
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It was Anzac Day this week and the entire town is a sea of paper poppies and plywood poppies and crocheted poppies. Poppies on trees and poppies on churches and poppies on kindergartens.

Outside a childcare centre I saw a noticeboard which said "In lieu of Anzac Day..." and I had to turn back and read it, because that is not a phrase one expects to see in these nationalistic times. Could it be that this particular childcare centre is run by people who thinks glorification of war is an inappropriate thing to teach small children? Perhaps they were planning a celebration of international friendship and co-operation in lieu of Anzac Day? No, it turned out to be a request for parents to bring in photos of soldier ancestors for the children to stick on a commemoration wall, written by someone who thought "in lieu of Anzac Day" was a fancy way to say "for Anzac Day".

Ten or fifteen years ago we didn't have this sort of nationalistic fervour. I remember when Anzac Day was just something old people did, people who had lived through wars, and newspaper columnists worried about the dwindling numbers attending dawn parades and whether the whole thing was about to die out. It's very strange how things have turned around.
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The way some people think about numbers bothers me SO MUCH. I am far from a mathematical genius (I got up to fourth form) but the way some people think about probability REALLY bugs me. Today's instance: "Oh, but you don't know for sure, you're making assumptions!" when I prepare myself for something I consider 90% likely to happen - this person thinks that since the 7% and 3% possibilities COULD happen, I should hold off until I hear which outcome has befallen, or else spend equal effort on preparing for each of the three. Almost as if there aren't any probabilities other than 100% or exactly even chances.

My partner also gets on my wick by rounding off excessively loosely before calculating, along the lines of "65cm is about 50cm so three of them will take up about 1.5m", and by paying more attention to how much the price is reduced than to how much something costs. And the way he uses "more than half" and "less than half" - exactly opposite to the way I use them - has caused a few misunderstandings.

Ah well, maybe it's my brain that's the problem.
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There were no onions in my house so I shouldn't have skipped the fruit and veg the other day. I bought onions and then fried a big skillet of onions and it was like a sausage sizzle came to my house, only the sausages were vegetarian. I am very satisfied with my tummy full of onion.

My partner's manager lives in Christchurch (jetting about between branches in different cities as only managers can) and has not had to evacuate from the huge wildfire yet, but it's getting closer. The smoke is visible from space.

Geoffrey's sensitive stomach has given him trouble again today. I have had to clean up after his hurling in six different places. Poor cat is feeling mopey and wants to stay near me all the time, which is fine if I'm not in a part of the house with carpet.
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My father's garden was looking nice when I went over. I commented on it and next minute he's picking courgettes and handing them over and giving me big long leaves of black kale to take home. I didn't need to stop in at the fruit and veg on the way home after all. My father says his mother would spin in her grave if he didn't grow some of his own food - Nana always grew an excellent garden in the tiny space beside her unit, and I think she's put a geas on him to always have his veges planted by Labour Weekend.

The courgettes were very nice in a stir fry, and the next day at work I was given two more and a bunch of green beans. I put some of them into a salad for lunch - beans cut small, courgette grated - but I'm going to have to work hard to keep up with everyone else's gardens. So far all that's in my garden is a huge sprawl of nasturtiums.
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Things I did on the first day of the new year:

Took apart a flat-pack computer desk, and assembled a different one, while sleep-deprived and dehydrated, in perfect harmony with my partner. I don't understand the meme about flat-pack furniture destroying marriages because we're so good at doing them. A nice ratcheting screwdriver with multiple fittings does help.

Jump-started a small tractor.

Ate all the cornbread.

Played one of my new card games late into the night with my parents and siblings, with much merriment and laughter.

I hope everyone else's year is off to a good start too.
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Nat King Cole can sing all the Christmas music for me this year. I don't need anyone else's voice when his is so perfect.

Although Bing Crosby is welcome to do one or two as well. I will just have to come to terms with having my father's taste in music this Christmas.

It's a pity neither of them ever recorded Santa Baby.
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How do other people do bookmarks? I may have bookmarked so many things that Firefox can't cope any more and now it's very erratic whether I can make a new bookmark or not. My partner is no help because he only bookmarks things like the internet banking website and Youtube and the weather website, whereas I think bookmarks are for things I don't already know how to type in myself.

Of course all fanfic on AO3 is bookmarked inside AO3, but not all fic is on Ao3 and not all my bookmarks are fic. I often bookmark an article I read that seems likely to give me thinky thoughts later on, so I can come back to it and do some more learning and thinking. Sometimes that system doesn't work because the most unexpected things can make me thinky weeks later when my history isn't much help.

I had heard of people using Delicious for bookmarks; I thought it had been bought and shut down years ago, but apparently it still exists. Maybe that's worth a go. Or there's zillions of bookmark add-ons, but I don't know which are any good for my purposes. Someone tried to tell me how great Evernote was and I signed up, but it turns out you can only take 500 notes before it gets full, which makes it a very temporary usefulness.
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There might be something to be said for this spring pumpkin festival. I saw a girl in her fancy dress at 11am, playing with a dog outside her house; she had on an entirely normal T-shirt and shorts, and a pale blue wig tied in two tails, and she was carrying a plastic battleaxe. The overall impression was of some sort of icy fjordian war goddess accompanied by her battle-hound.

I haven't done any dress-up outfits for years. Sometimes ordinary clothes get boring and it would be fun to have an excuse to go around in a cape.
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What a trip back in time I've had! After a discussion with [personal profile] spiralsheep and [personal profile] capriuni on handwriting a while ago, I dug out my old diaries to look for data on when I learnt cursive and how long it took me to get good at it. Whether it was developing co-ordination, or mechanical practice, or mental concentration powers, I finally started producing consistently legible cursive at age 14. It could even be that I just didn't feel like using cursive until that point for aesthetic reasons.

I was given one of those little lockable diaries when I was nine, and I've kept writing ever since. I haven't read over them for years, and I'm glad I did, not just for the handwriting, or for the memories; I've been trying to recover a fictional universe I made up back then, and there were some useful lists of character names written in the front of my diary from the year I was twelve.

Reading the record of my thoughts back then makes me want to write letters to my past self; I want to tell 12-year-old me that some of those wishes and hopes will come true, if not in the way I'd expect, and most importantly to write down my stories instead of keeping most of them in my head, and to archive them where they won't get lost if I move house half a dozen times. Of course I can't go back in time with advice for my past self... but I can extrapolate a message from my future self, and make sure to write down all the stories I have going around in my head now.


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