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First frost of the year this morning. We've had a mild winter so far but had to get ice off the car before leaving for work. The grass doesn't soak your shoes so much when it's crunchy. I hope my young tree fern survives its first year; apparently you can stuff straw into the top to protect the baby fronds from the cold.

Somehow I never manage to post anything here although I have 3 or 4 subjects that I make long speeches about in my head and that need writing down to share with people. "What would you do about..." and "This really bugs me" and "It would be really neat if..." and so on. Also I have two additions to the household who need an introduction because they're gorgeous and wonderful, so I mean to get around to uploading some photos eventually.

However winter blues has hit me pretty badly and my best achievements for the last few weeks are things like: Bought some food so we can eat proper meals again! Washed some of the clothes and got them dry! Read some good fanfic! Levelled up my amazon and got her to the City of the Damned -- which is probably the thing I put the most effort into as well as the least productive, but at least I have some fun, right?
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Gather now to hear the story!

Or, if you just want the bottom line:


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