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Out riding my bike and a big truck passed me loaded up with bales of hay. At least 16 or 20 round bales, stacked two high - these are the ones that have to be moved with machinery. The sweet, hot grassy smell coming off those!

Someone must have been using metal polish inside a house further down, because when I smelt it I was reminded of my grandmother's silver christening mug. I was allowed to play with some of the less fragile things out of her china cabinet and that was one of them.

I pedalled past the bread factory and it was raisin bread day! I never know when they're going to be making raisin bread, it can be any day of the week. Going past on raisin bread day is exquisite torture, especially when I'm hungry - I love that smell so much.

Then I rode past the crystal wizard dragon shop, which sells heaps of smelly things. Sometimes it's scented soaps wafting out the door, but more often it's incense. They burn incense in the shop, and even when there's none burning the amount of incense packed in there means you can smell it a hundred metres down the road.

Biking up along by the railway lines, all the fennel growing beside the tracks was in flower, growing tall and smelling strong with the sun beating down on it. I'll be checking later on when the seeds are ready so I can pull off a few handfuls and try to make them grow around my place.
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Hello internet. I still exist.

In a week's time I'm moving house. That's always stressful. I've been lucky enough to stay in one house for seven or eight years and I don't want to pack up everything, I want to pull the blankets over my head and hide forever. The new house is nice though; it has insulation and double glazing, and when I visited it after it had been shut up all day with the sun blazing down it was still nice and cool inside - unlike the tupperware box of a house where I live now.

Geoffrey continues to expand his hunting repertoire. He has cut down a bit on the earthworm hobby and has in the last few weeks carried in a couple of young birds, a mouse or two and a frog, many of which were completely unharmed and successfully released. He's in the habit of carrying his captives straight into the bathroom and gloating over them in there, giving us plenty of time to effect a rescue. The frog (species identified as a green and golden bell frog) survived unscathed, despite being carried who knows how far in Geoff's teeth, and we took it to the lake where it is presumably happy and better educated than before.

I'm keen to get back into Blake's 7 and start posting about it - though at my rate the Adventures with the Wife and Blake blog will outstrip me rapidly. Currently I'm progressing through Due South series 1 with much enjoyment, except that the 1971 Buick Riviera got blown up and I felt too sad to go on to the next episode. The car in a cop show is always practically a main character. No chance of me running out of Due South because there are so many episodes to a series!
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Cut for sad, involving animals not being alive any more. Don't click if the not-alive word still hurts.
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First frost of the year this morning. We've had a mild winter so far but had to get ice off the car before leaving for work. The grass doesn't soak your shoes so much when it's crunchy. I hope my young tree fern survives its first year; apparently you can stuff straw into the top to protect the baby fronds from the cold.

Somehow I never manage to post anything here although I have 3 or 4 subjects that I make long speeches about in my head and that need writing down to share with people. "What would you do about..." and "This really bugs me" and "It would be really neat if..." and so on. Also I have two additions to the household who need an introduction because they're gorgeous and wonderful, so I mean to get around to uploading some photos eventually.

However winter blues has hit me pretty badly and my best achievements for the last few weeks are things like: Bought some food so we can eat proper meals again! Washed some of the clothes and got them dry! Read some good fanfic! Levelled up my amazon and got her to the City of the Damned -- which is probably the thing I put the most effort into as well as the least productive, but at least I have some fun, right?
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...and talking about the weather. :)

I have had to bike around battling this windy weather nearly every day since the big storm hit on Friday. And it's still going. Legs exhausted. Patience worn thin. For some reason windy weather is my very least favourite and always makes me ratty and grumpy. I very much look forward to staying home tomorrow.

Our chimney rattles in the wind and sounds like a small yappy dog :)


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