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I've had a few image hosts over the years. Ones that decided to no longer allow hotlinking, or that changed their domain name slightly so I had to go back and edit multiply-illustrated posts to point to the new location before the site vanished a while later, or that still allow access to my old pictures but don't allow uploading new ones. And I've seen image hosts that other people use and haven't liked them, such as Photobucket which has an interface I just can't cope with, or Imageshack which puts up porn ads next to your picture which rather sucks for people who click on it without an adblocker, or Dreamwidth's unfinished image hosting service which I can't figure out. Or ones you have to pay for, or which are intended for specific purposes - game screenshots or screencaps from TV shows don't go on Deviantart.

Anyway, rather than keep signing up for new sites and finding they don't work, I'm trying something I already have, which is the public Dropbox folder. Picture under cut!
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I was sitting with my sister and niece and the topic of Disney movies came up, and it appears that The Princess & The Frog is a big favourite for all ages. It's not one I'm all that familiar with, so I asked my sister to confirm whether Prince Naveen was, in fact, pretty hot.

She said, "Well, yeah, I suppose, but Aladdin is still by far the hottest guy out of all the Disney movies."

"This is an insane conversation," I said, and being the top-notch sister that she is, she got the reference within seconds:

Then in butts the niece, she of the great wit and charm: "Auntie, you really like princes a lot, don't you? 'Cause you like Prince Naveen, and Prince Zuko..."

I blushed red to the ears, I can tell you, and it wasn't just my fannishness (which is also her fannishness) about Avatar: The Last Airbender causing the embarrassment. The niece doesn't know what romance path I'm going for in Dragon Age: Origins, and my only defence is that the fellow didn't tell me he was a prince until I was already hooked.
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Ginger Geoffrey stares at me in fascination when I sweep the floor. Such curiosity and puzzlement on his little cat face. I can't help feeling that he's making a point about how infrequently I enact this strange ritual, and if I did housework more often he'd not be so baffled to see it.

I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins! It's a lot of fun! (This is possibly something that takes up time I could be spending on something more constructive!) I decided to make a dwarf character. The top of her head comes up not quite as far as her companion Alistair's shoulder; I'm guessing he's meant to be on the tall side but not exceptionally so, six feet plus or minus a little, which puts my character at around four foot ten. Which is not much smaller than me in real life. So when NPCs meet me and say, "Ah! You're a dwarf!" they are making quite an assumption - she could just as well be a human at the lower range of normal height. I'm quite used to coming up to people's shoulders, or their armpits if they're unusually tall. Playing as a character who's short like me and also incredibly physically capable and skilled with an enormous two-handed sword is... rather satisfying.


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