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Starsky: I'll dress in, you know, the sort of clothes drug dealers usually wear, and we should have a cool car, maybe a convertible. Do you think drug dealers sometimes wear running shoes?

Hutch: My character's called O'Brien and I'll be from Texas and wear a huge cowboy hat - in fact I want the full cowboy outfit, I'll find one with plenty of rhinestones - and I'm going to chew gum all the time and be a dickhead, well, more so than usual. A Texas-sized dickhead. And I'm going to be massively racist.

Starsky: You do know we're trying to get the co-operation of a drug dealer who happens to be black?

Hutch: I'm going to be so racist. And I get to drive the convertible.

When Hutch gets the chance to pick out clothes for Starsky he chooses some much tighter pants than Starsky usually wears, plus high heels. Very understandable, especially if you're then going to walk behind him a lot. I liked the bit where Hutch is talking to Captain Dobey and realises he doesn't have to stay in character and he throws the chewing gum in the bin.

I also saw the episode where someone's coming to kill Captain Dobey and we get to meet his lovely family. I like his teenage son not having to deal with assassins in the night even though he's quite tall because he's just a kid and his mother is better equipped to handle it. I liked the family playing Twister together! I liked that the little daughter being left-handed made Hutch think twice about being such a jerk to Starsky about being left-handed, there is nothing wrong with him and you can't change the way his brain is wired and he'll never be able to shoot straight if you try, oh my god.

And buy him his own designated pair of scissors if that will help him, or let him continue to use right-handed scissors if he's used to it and that works better for him. Opinion varies among left-handers in my family over whether left-handed scissors are worth it, but I have learnt the move of pushing with the fingers and pulling with the thumb to twist the blades of wrong-handed scissors against each other because I grew up with both types of scissors available.
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