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I was unwell last week so I started watching my way through Starsky & Hutch. I thought it would be fun (obviously, as I love buddy cops and it's the most important buddy-cop show of all time) but maybe slightly cheesy and not too emotionally traumatic. I expected to feel all safe because of the episodic format, knowing everything would be back to normal by the start of the next story. I WAS WRONG - about as wrong as I was last time when I thought Neon Genesis Evangelion would be non-traumatic giant robot fun.

It's not cheesy like I thought - the stunt work and the screeching tyres and the identical gunshot sound effect coming from three obviously different guns are a bit cheesy but the stories aren't at all. It's very easy to get emotionally invested. I had the one where Huggy Bear ends up with some mafia money and they're coming after him and I was so worried that Huggy wouldn't be safe. And now I've had the one where Hutch gets captured by baddies and forcibly addicted to heroin and Starsky has to save him, it is the most amazing hurt/comfort ever, there was so much cuddling and caressing and Hutch curled up shivering in Starsky's lap, it is unbelievable, how did this show ever happen oh my god.

And that was only episode 6 - although my files are mislabelled so I saw them out of order - so I don't know if it can POSSIBLY get any slashier than this but it sort of sounds like it does. I think they didn't touch each other that much in the first few episodes (though they took every opportunity not to wear clothes in the pilot) but ten episodes in they are now touching and hugging all the time. I'm so happy there are heaps of episodes, I don't make much time to watch TV but for this I don't want it told concisely, I want to see them have a car chase and shoot the baddies over and over with slight variations.
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