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I cannot believe that Hutch went to a wedding rehearsal and brought Starsky with him (that's not the unbelievable bit, why would he go anywhere without him), and then introduced him to the Catholic priest as "my partner" and the priest asked for clarification. It's like something off BBC Sherlock, only at the time it would have been unthinkable to have the main characters of a major TV show be outright gay, so I find it fun queerbaiting rather than infuriating.

Then Starsky jumped into the harbour to rescue Hutch who didn't need rescuing, and came down with a cold afterwards, and ended up wrapped in blankets on Hutch's couch with Hutch reporting on his health to Captain Dobey over the phone and taking his temperature. It's like all the fic is already right there on the screen. Normally I don't enjoy sickfic at all because wanting anyone around me while unwell is such an alien idea (let alone smooches when I can't breathe, haha) but this scene was very pleasing to me; Hutch is the sort of quiet person who can do his paperwork in the same room quietly without being a bother, and he owes Starsky some caring after everything Starsky did for him in The Fix. It is very important to me that partners take turns doing the caring. I am sure the producers are already aware that Hutch is eminently whumpable but I hope they let Starsky get his share.

Very gratifying to discover so much fic out there including stuff recently posted. Mortifying to discover through fandom that Starsky is left-handed and I never even noticed, even with all the focus on guns - heck, they're right next to each other holding guns in opposite hands in the opening credits! I'm a right-hander in a family that's fifty-fifty (parents and siblings) and my partner is left-handed too, so I ought to be aware of handedness.
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