Oct. 24th, 2016

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What a trip back in time I've had! After a discussion with [personal profile] spiralsheep and [personal profile] capriuni on handwriting a while ago, I dug out my old diaries to look for data on when I learnt cursive and how long it took me to get good at it. Whether it was developing co-ordination, or mechanical practice, or mental concentration powers, I finally started producing consistently legible cursive at age 14. It could even be that I just didn't feel like using cursive until that point for aesthetic reasons.

I was given one of those little lockable diaries when I was nine, and I've kept writing ever since. I haven't read over them for years, and I'm glad I did, not just for the handwriting, or for the memories; I've been trying to recover a fictional universe I made up back then, and there were some useful lists of character names written in the front of my diary from the year I was twelve.

Reading the record of my thoughts back then makes me want to write letters to my past self; I want to tell 12-year-old me that some of those wishes and hopes will come true, if not in the way I'd expect, and most importantly to write down my stories instead of keeping most of them in my head, and to archive them where they won't get lost if I move house half a dozen times. Of course I can't go back in time with advice for my past self... but I can extrapolate a message from my future self, and make sure to write down all the stories I have going around in my head now.


pebblerocker: A worried orange dragon, holding an umbrella, gazes at the sky. (Default)

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