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This cat! Can you believe this cat! Have a picture of him under the cut. Butter would not melt in his little mouth.


This is ginger Geoffrey, who gave himself to us for Christmas by becoming lost and unwell under our house on Christmas Day. He's slightly older than this now, about seven months, but this is a picture I have handy.

Geoffrey enjoys mischief and snuggles in equal measure... it's just that the mischief makes a lot more noise. He likes to tear around the house sliding on the smooth floor or any newspapers left lying about; he skids and slams into doorways and hares up and down the furniture. He is adorable and at times an absolute horror, and he loves living at our house very much, despite disapproval of his antics from the older cats.

His latest awful behaviour I've only just puzzled out. I kept finding these icky things on the kitchen floor - sort of long and cylindrical, brownish and stuck to the floor. Were they poo, I wondered, and poo of what? What was creeping around in my house leaving these on the floor? But it turns out it's Geoff doing it; I spotted him earlier playing with a large earthworm which he must have carried in from somewhere outside. What sort of cat hunts and catches worms to play with? Honestly. He's under the dining table with another worm right now.


On non-cat-related subjects: I've been really busy at work, but this week I'm having some time off and working on finishing another post about Blake's 7. Trying to post about each episode as I watch doesn't really work when I don't have the brainpower to form sentences; I ended up not watching at all because I didn't want to get behind. This episode: Avon and the Liberator!

I had a phone call today from a man with a Scots accent, asking for Mrs MacKenzie. I suppose it's not nice to suspect him of being a prank caller - Scotsmen are allowed to know people by the name of MacKenzie without necessarily being the punchline to a joke. He was very cheerfully determined that I did know him and would put him through to his friend as soon as I got around to it.

My partner taught himself to solder yesterday from a Youtube video. I was surprised that he didn't already know how to solder, being such a circuit-board type of person. He's just as surprised that I don't already know; I think we both assumed that soldering is something all grown-ups can do. I certainly watched both my parents soldering things enough times as a kid. Now to find out if I can put the observation into practice.
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