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My father's garden was looking nice when I went over. I commented on it and next minute he's picking courgettes and handing them over and giving me big long leaves of black kale to take home. I didn't need to stop in at the fruit and veg on the way home after all. My father says his mother would spin in her grave if he didn't grow some of his own food - Nana always grew an excellent garden in the tiny space beside her unit, and I think she's put a geas on him to always have his veges planted by Labour Weekend.

The courgettes were very nice in a stir fry, and the next day at work I was given two more and a bunch of green beans. I put some of them into a salad for lunch - beans cut small, courgette grated - but I'm going to have to work hard to keep up with everyone else's gardens. So far all that's in my garden is a huge sprawl of nasturtiums.
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