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How do other people do bookmarks? I may have bookmarked so many things that Firefox can't cope any more and now it's very erratic whether I can make a new bookmark or not. My partner is no help because he only bookmarks things like the internet banking website and Youtube and the weather website, whereas I think bookmarks are for things I don't already know how to type in myself.

Of course all fanfic on AO3 is bookmarked inside AO3, but not all fic is on Ao3 and not all my bookmarks are fic. I often bookmark an article I read that seems likely to give me thinky thoughts later on, so I can come back to it and do some more learning and thinking. Sometimes that system doesn't work because the most unexpected things can make me thinky weeks later when my history isn't much help.

I had heard of people using Delicious for bookmarks; I thought it had been bought and shut down years ago, but apparently it still exists. Maybe that's worth a go. Or there's zillions of bookmark add-ons, but I don't know which are any good for my purposes. Someone tried to tell me how great Evernote was and I signed up, but it turns out you can only take 500 notes before it gets full, which makes it a very temporary usefulness.
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