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We went to see the new Ghostbusters movie! It was excellent!

This is a story I've heard played out multiple times: woman wants to see Ghostbusters, her boyfriend isn't enthusiastic but goes with her, he comes out loving it as much as she did. Add one more data point to that theme from us! I don't know why my partner wasn't jazzed up about the movie coming out - he hangs out in different parts of the internet to what I do - but he's definitely glad I dragged him along. He walked out talking about how cool Holtz was with her engineering and her guns and her wacky hair, and he asked me which Ghostbuster I liked best, and it reminded me very much of the way my niece interacts with characters she enjoys - "Which one do you want to be?"

How often do I get to watch a movie where I get to decide which one I want to be?!? And I do. I want to march around New York in those overalls and save the day and be the hero.
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