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I accidentally made fat-free muffins. They were still edible.

Better than when I've accidentally made sugar-free things or left out the baking powder, anyway. I expect the banana in them helped with the texture. I haven't had the motivation to bake anything for many months so it's a bit sad to have made a mistake in these, but hey, having something home-made and different is still nice.

I'm seeing [ profile] naarmamo coming around again soon. Maybe there's something about the time of year - after joining in every year for so long - that I associate with the need to be creative. Yesterday I was outside in the clear winter sunshine taking macro photos in the garden, and today I found the drawing tablet I'd got for a birthday a few years back and tried plugging it in, but I hadn't consciously remembered NaArMaMo is coming until later on.

Maybe it's just that I've now had two days in a row where nobody at work has been sick and I haven't been called in when I'm rostered off, and suddenly my creativity starts to return.
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